Netflix on TELUS - May 2020

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Netflix on TELUS - May 2020


Greetings fellow TV lovers! Hope you're doing well during this difficult time. Like everyone else, we're sure you're looking for the next thing to binge on while passing the time safely at home. Well you've come to the right place! We've selected the most anticipated original Netflix shows and movies coming next month, so kick back and enjoy!


Also remember, if your loved ones aren't there with you, Netflix Party is always an option to watch something with your friends and family virtually. Synchronized video playback and a handy chat box lets you watch and stay connected all at the same time!


Coming in May


  • May 1 - Hollywood (Limited Series)
  • May 5 - Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill
  • May 8 - Dead To Me (Season 2)
  • May 29 - Space Force (Season 1)


Most Anticipated


Space Force (Season 1)


The highlight for me has to be the first season of the new Netflix original comedy series Space Force starring Steve Carell. In his first TV sitcom since The Office, Carell stars as General Naird, the man in charge of establishing the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces. Fans of The Office will surely get a kick out of knowing that Greg Daniels, writer and producer of The Office is back for this new series as well!


Also starring Lisa Kudrow (Friends), Ben Schwartz (Parks and Recreation), and legendary actor John Malkovich, Space Force is the perfect way to get your dose of gust-busting comedy!



What We're Watching Now


Can’t wait for the new shows and movies to drop? Need something bingeworthy now? We’ve got your back.


Nailed It! (Season 4)


You’re in for a treat. The hilarious baking competition Nailed It! just dropped the latest season and it’s as fun as it’s ever been! For the uninitiated, think of three amateur cooks given a comically insufficient time to create elaborate treats or cakes, and the cook to create the least awful monstrosity wins the cash. If you’ve ever attempted to make that awesome birthday cake only to have it come out...let’s say, less than stellar...then you’re sure to love it!




This good-natured baking competition is the perfect type of show to lose yourself in while in lockdown. With the latest season being the fourth, along with some special Christmas themed episodes, if you’re new to Nailed It! then you’ve got some catching up to do! So grab your favorite treat and favorite person, sit back, and have fun!


Let me know if you plan on watching or if there’s anything else you’re currently hooked on in the comments below! 


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