Netflix on TELUS - April 2021

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Netflix on TELUS - April 2021


Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe! April is right around the corner, and that means it's time for NETFLIX to drop another batch of great new shows and movies to enjoy! So far this year, I've been really loving the NETFLIX original content, and it looks like April will be no different. Let's take a look at some of the best stuff coming our way, as well as what I'm currently hooked on now!


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Coming To NETFLIX in April


  • April 2 - Concrete Cowboy
    • Urban western drama starring Idris Elba and Caleb McLaughlin (Stranger Things).
  • April 9 - Thunder Force
    • Highly anticipated superhero comedy movie starring Melissa McCarthy and Octavia Spencer.
  • April 23 - Shadow and Bone
    • Fantasy adventure series based on the popular novels.



Most Anticipated


Shadow and Bone


If there's one type of series that NETFLIX seems to have cornered the market on, it's epic fantasy. Shadow and Bone looks to continue that trend, and I can't wait. With a slightly more modern flair (think ships and rifles, not swords and armor), this series takes place in a fantasy world split in two by a massive barrier of darkness and evil, in which creatures and demons rule. A young soldier from the Kingdom of Ravka realizes she has a mystical power that may save her family and kingdom, and help destroy the evil once and for all. 


Sure, a premise that sounds pretty similar to a hundred shows before it, but check out this trailer and I'm sure your first thought will be that this looks different. The scale, cinematography, costumes, and epic action scenes make this seem like it's going to be up there with Game of Thrones for grandiose entertainment.



Wow. How amazing does that look? To top it off, some of the best talent and writers (veterans of Doctor Who, The Umbrella Academy, The Punisher, and Altered Carbon) combined with a top tier cast and this looks unmissable. 



Season one of Shadow and Bone drops April 23 on NETFLIX and I can't wait. Be sure to check it out!



What I'm Watching Now


Can’t wait for the new shows and movies to drop? Need something bingeworthy now? I've got you covered.




If you're not caught up on Dark, stop everything now and go watch the first episode. I'll wait.


Alright, now describe it in one sentence. Exactly. Can't be done. For the uninitiated, Dark is a German thriller - science fiction - drama - horror series. It's rare for a show to touch upon all of those genres but Dark does so masterfully. Three seasons of a tale about a missing child in a fictional town that ends up becoming a complex story about time travel and its existential implications on how it changes people's true nature. Heady stuff, to be sure...but something that you'll want to stick with to see how it unfolds.



The story revolves around children that are vanishing from a small German town, and their disappearance that brings to light the very dark pasts of four main families that live there. When the families discover a wormhole beneath the local nuclear power plant, things only get more sinister. Secrets are revealed that explain the missing children, and the time travel aspect of this series only adds to the mystery. As the characters travel through time from 1953 through to a post apocalyptical world in 2053, they attempt to reunite with their lost loved ones and discover each other's deep secrets and conspiracies.


Full disclosure, this show is complex. Much like The Expanse, there's simply too much going on to be able to jump back in every few weeks to catch up. You simply won't be able to keep up or recall everything that's happened. That's not what this series is for. This is about bingeing a season over the weekend to see how it unravels. Fortunately the acting and story here are so compelling, that shouldn't be much of an issue. If you love thrillers with a touch of sci-fi, then all three seasons of Dark are just the ticket. Check it out.



Let me know if you plan on watching or if there’s anything else you’re currently hooked on in the comments below! 


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