Neighbourhood Update - January 2021

Community Manager
Community Manager

Can you believe we’ve finally arrived in 2021? In the past year we’ve seen people redefine what their work day looks like, Zoom has become a verb, and mustaches have made a strong comeback.


To start the year off on the Neighbourhood, I’ve put together some light reading with our recent updates. 


Relevant & Trendy



First, this is a friendly reminder to protect your information and privacy online. An unfortunate tradition we see over the holidays and into tax season is a spike in the spam and fraud emails attempting to get access to your passwords and personal information. 

Check out our 4 tips to keep your information safe and secure

Good to Know




With restrictions tightening across the country, it looks like we’ll all be spending quite a bit of time at home this month. This means it’s a good time to take inventory of the activities we can do at home when it’s too cold to get outside. But don’t worry, we’ve got a list of fun things to do at home to get you started. 

Isn’t This Exciting?!



With the arrival of the new year, Canadians once again showed their love for the TELUS critter calendar. It’s no surprise with how photogenic our critter team is. 


We received over 36k requests for the new calendar and most of you have already received them in the mail. This means that you can add “circle important dates on my calendar” to your to-do list. 

Helpful Neighbour



Our Neighbourhood shoutout goes to @FuzzyLogic who shows up regularly and is always there to offer guidance and support on our Neighbourhood forum. Thanks for being such a great neighbour!