Neighbourhood Birthday Stickers Giveaway

Community Manager
Community Manager

As many of you already know, we celebrated The Neighbourhood’s 5th birthday a month ago. But what you don’t know, is we secretly had custom stickers made to celebrate the occasion. Today, we’re sharing the details with you.


How do you get one? By participating in the Neighbourhood. Over the next 4 weeks, we will be reaching out to active Neighbourhood members for their mailing info for these stickers.


What kind of participation? That’s where the mystery comes in.


The Neighbourhood has 4 sections you can participate in:

  • Forum
  • Ideas
  • Blog
  • Knowledge Based Article


Each week we will choose 1 of the 4 sections and reward participating Neighbourhood users.

The contest will run for 4 weeks and winners will be notified by private message. So keep an eye out!



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Just Moved In

First of all - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and secondly since this awful outbreak with the Covid-19 began, I'm wondering if you could send a handful of stickers to our home. We have two 7 year old who are itching to get more Telus stickers as they are their favourite.