Kid in a Candy Store: My Trip to Google I/O 2017 - Day 1

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

If there are any comparable moments in my life that elicited the same feeling of anticipation in the weeks leading up to my Google I/O trip, it would have to be Christmas eve as a kid and the birth of my child. Is today real? Somebody pinch me.


Day one of Google I/O is in the books and it didn’t disappoint! A lot of awesome stuff came out of day 1 and I’ll do my best to highlight my favourite ones.




Females Represent!


Above all else, one of the most exciting things about this conference so far is the women. No - I don’t mean in the ogling sense but rather the contingent of women coders and developers in attendance. In past conferences, the world of coders has largely been a boys club but the industry has worked hard to promote and advance the message of equality. If this year’s attendees are any indication, I think we’re making great progress.


Google Assistant Everywhere


Home to auto and Android to iOS. Where you can use it and what it can do has evolved leaps and bounds. At last year’s I/O, we got to preview both equally nascent Google Home and Assistant. Fast forward to today and it’s positioned to become an artificial intelligence (AI) that manages your everyday activities.


Imagine ordering takeout or managing your home’s lighting on your drive home where you’re then alerted to an upcoming traffic congestion. We’re one step closer to that robot butler.


Google Services


Some of the really cool stuff that came out of today’s conference includes Google Lens. Lens allows your smartphone camera to recognize real world objects then feed you relevant contextual information about it or integrate the data into your favourite app. Imagine getting information on that cool building you took a picture of on your visit to Vancouver. Better yet, scan the SSID and password sticker on your router and then automatically connect to that WiFi network - life made easier.


Google Photos introduced some neat new features. Auto sharing allows me to automatically share pictures of my son with my wife without her having to remind me to send them her way - it’ll recognize my son’s face and the rest is automatic.


Not just for Google devices. iPhone users will love the fact that Google Assistant is now available on iOS. Siri not cutting it for you? Well now you have choice!


Android O. We know Google’s naming scheme for their next iteration of Android typically involves some sort of sweet confection. While we didn’t get the new name, Google did release the beta build for die hard fans who can’t wait to check out what’s under the hood.


So much came out of day 1 but I only have so much time to tell you about it. Word on the street is there’s an after party and I plan on attending! First, I’ll sneak in a session on Android TV. I’ll report back tomorrow on a few things I’m excited about: VR/AR and home automation.


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Community Power User
Community Power User

@MarcTELUS wrote:



Imagine ordering takeout or managing your home’s lighting on your drive home where you’re then alerted to an upcoming traffic congestion. We’re one step closer to that robot butler.


Not sold on this aspect of automation yet. I do appreciate the door to our home unlocking as I walk up to it, and the ability to give a virtual key to friends and relatives visiting us. I appreciate automated lighting scenes which mimic activity when we are away. However, my world is not so busy that I can't call the pizza guy, and traffic congestion is pretty much non-existent here, though GPS tools have been available providing such information for some years now.


Of more interest is machine language translation, AR, and increasing security of my digital life, while making the means to maintain such security easy & straightforward.