It’s all in the name: TELUS Assist

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Since launching in 2018, TELUS Assist, our award-winning* virtual assistant chatbot, has helped millions of customers manage their account and get the answers they need, instantly, 24/7.  Knowing people want to self-serve now more than ever, TELUS has added new features and functions to TELUS Assist, allowing you to access and make changes to your account without needing to call in or visit a TELUS store.


Using TELUS Assist on any device, customers can now:


  • View personalized account details, including bill amount, due date, payment information, and a detailed bill breakdown, all protected by TELUS’ industry-leading best practices and technology to safeguard your information. 
  • View current mobile or home data usage. 
  • Add features, like mobile data top-up or unlimited home internet data.
  • Report a payment.
  • Reset a My TELUS account password.
  • Receive helpful reminders like data limit notifications, upcoming credit card expiry alerts, and mobility renewal offers.
  • Ask questions about products and services and receive tech support and troubleshooting.

And if you still need help:

  • Ask to be transferred to a live chat agent or, better yet, save time and have an agent give you a call.


TELUS Assist is here to help 24/7 – tell your friends!


Do you, a friend, or a family member have a question about your account? We encourage you to join our journey and try out TELUS Assist. Visit


*ITWC 2020 Digital Transformation Awards:  Winner, AI-fueled Digital Transformation category