Introducing… TELUS Pik TV™

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Here at TELUS, we’re always trying to innovate our products, but it’s not everyday that we launch a brand new service. So as one of the proud Product Managers for TELUS Pik TV, I thought I’d pull back the covers and give you a peek behind the scenes...



How did we get here?  

If you’ve been paying any attention to the state of TV, you’ll know that the landscape has changed drastically over the past several years. With more choice than ever before with programming from Netflix and Amazon, amongst others, consumers have felt that they’ve had to choose between Live TV and streaming services. And often, the choice was to cut off traditional cable TV service.   


But with that decision came tradeoffs. Not all shows are available through authorized streaming services, which might have led to potentially illegal downloading. Not all shows are easy to find, requiring some level of effort and skill to navigate torrent sites. And if we’re talking about an event-based, live show, then you’d have to leave the house and head over to a bar or a friend’s house.


We wanted to change that...

And we knew that you wanted us to as well. It all started with “What If’s”...  

  • What if we could combine the best of both worlds - live TV and streaming - into one entertainment hub?
  • What if we could remove the pain point of contracts?
  • What if consumers could choose the individual channels they want to pay for?
  • What if we could make set up so simple it’s DIY?
  • What if we could include some nifty extras, like access to our vast VOD library and a mobile app to watch on the go?
  • And… What if we could deliver this at a really affordable price?

So we developed these ideas, spending time in front of consumers to gather feedback and iterate.   


It’s a journey…

Each journey begins with one step and that’s what brings us here. Pik TV is available exclusively to our existing TELUS Internet customers first, in limited markets. If this is you, hopefully we’ve stirred your interest and you’re ready to learn more at If you’re eagerly anticipating our expansion into your market, we’re going to ask for your patience for just a little while longer.


Be a part of our journey - drop us a line and let us know what you think.  And if you’re an early adopter, head over to our Pik Forum to see what Q&A other users have on the service!


Want to take Pik TV for a test drive with a simple click? Check out this unboxing video from none other than Lewis from Unbox Therapy:



Don’t forget to visit to learn more.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee




Just Moved In

How much do I pay for the 23 channels, 5 channels, and than 4 sports channels?


With on demand programs, how long does it take before it is on the on demand channels? 



Just Moved In

Hi Albertabrain, 


For the 23 channels + 5 channels you'll need to pay $10 per month. Please keep in mind that the first month is free. 


To add on sports channels, you have a couple of options that will be on top of the $10 per month: 

1) Sportsnet at $10 per month 

2) TSN (TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5) at $10 per month 

3) Sports Pack (e.g. NHL Centre Ice, beIN Sports, Sportsnetworld) at $14 per month 


For on demand programs it usually takes between 12-24 hours to be added. 

Just Moved In

Thank you.


I dumped Pik TV. I don’t watch shows at their regularly scheduled times, I prefer to watch them via On Demand. For over a year this worked. Lately though the On Demand selections are limited. With network tv they only have 2-3 shows, not the whole season anymore. So if you missed the start of the series & you really want to watch it - go to iTunes and buy it. Last night I was watching Episode 19 of the Rookie. I had watched it before and went to switch to E20 before watching new Season. Pik TV abandoned On Demand and all I could chose was to watch an episode when it aired. I have not used Pik TV in 4 months & then it was wonky. CBS, Apple, Amazon & others run streaming services. TELUS is not on par with them. Crave TV appears to have some of the previous seasons, but it is expensive compared to other options.