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-- The Santa Tracker and other TELUS holiday programming has been put away with the decorations. It'll be back at the end of 2018. Happy New Year! --




My favourite Christmas movie is Die Hard.

Anyone who’s ever asked me knows that. So do people who haven’t asked me. I talk about it a lot. I know it’s not for everyone and when I take a look at what movies you’re going to find on the TELUS Optik Advent Calendar this year, I’m not surprised that (spoiler alert) Die Hard isn’t on the list. What I am surprised by is just how many sweet holiday movies are on the list. But it’s not just movies - Let’s have a look at what’s in the Optik Holiday Zone for 2017.



TELUS Optik Advent Calendar


It’s like those chocolate calendars but instead of chocolate it’s a movie.


Count down the days with a surprise holiday movie for just $1 on demand. Our team has put together a fun mix of family-friendly movies with a new one every day between December 1st and 26th. Each new day is a surprise and I practically guarantee you’re going to find something between now and Boxing Day that is right up your alley.




Turn to channel 14 or press the on demand button on your remote and go to the Holidays category to check out the Optik TV Advent Calendar.



Optik Holiday Fireplace


Do you have a fireplace? Maybe. Do you have a TV? Yes.


Whether you’re wrapping presents or just hanging with the family, turn on the famous fireplace channel to instantly make the room a little more cosy. Really, I actually feel warmer when the fireplace channel is on.




The Optik Holiday Fireplace is on channel 10. Word to the wise - Don’t let your uncle Rob stoke the fire. I learned that in 2016.



Festive Scenes


This one is a real mixed-bag.

Ever wondered what it’s like inside a snow globe? Wonder no more because the Snow Globe Village takes you deep into that glass ball where you can lose yourself in a snowy, serene scene for, probably, hours. There are too many to list here but I definitely want to mention the Kitten Christmas. It’s…well, exactly what you think. I couldn’t quite describe it so I literally took a picture of my TV.




Find the Kitten Christmas, the Snow Globe Village and other festive scenes for free in the Holidays section on demand.



Santa Tracker App


This is probably the coolest part of the TELUS Optik Holiday Zone.


It’s fun. It’s interactive. It’s Santa. It’s games (Games! On your TV!) It’s a countdown to Christmas Eve. It’s following Santa around the globe and watching videos for each of the cities he stops in. It’s winning challenges and unlocking achievements and decorating the landing page.


The future is now and it’s the Santa Tracker App on Optik TV.




Hit the apps button on your Optik remote or go to channel 11 or 610

The team that put together all this awesome 2017 holiday content on Optik worked really hard and it shows. Hope you enjoy it.


Like John McClane from the hit movie, Die Hard, would say: “Yippee ki-happy-holidays.”


I’m paraphrasing.


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