Holiday Gift Guide for Travellers

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Community Manager

It’s Christmas gift guide time on the Neighbourhood. Thanks to the help of some of our power users and moderators, we’ve compiled our faves for everyone on your shopping list and will be sharing them all week. So don’t even think twice about buying everyone gift cards this year!


Everyone has one person in their life who can never stay put. I’m talking about the traveller. They’re either hopping on a plane to jet-set around the world, or roaming the country by car or RV. We’re sure you’ll find exactly what they need for their next big trip.


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      1.  Neck Pillow (under $30!)
        Give the gift of a comfortable nap on those long haul flights, with a memory foam neck pillow. 
      2. International Power Adapter (under $30!)
        This one’s for that new traveller on your list, to ensure they can charge all their gadgets no matter where they are.
      3. Portable Powerbank (Under $50!)
        It’s not always easy find a place to charge your devices while on the go, but a good powerbank will ensure they have multiple charges throughout the day.
      4. Pocket Farmacy of Essential Oils (Under $50!)
        There’s may not always a pharmacy nearby, nor one with English labels, so arm them with these essential oils to cure whatever ails them. Plus, how awesome is that travel pouch they come in!
      5. Noise cancelling Bluetooth Headphones
        Every traveller knows the struggle of trying to listen to their favourite song or movie while in a noisy plane or hostel. A pair of noise cancelling headphones will help block out those distractions and can also be used to help get some downtime. 
      6. iPad
        Ever been on a 8 hour train ride with no source of entertainment? I have, and let me tell you I was oh so grateful for my iPad. Paired with those headphones above, they're great for reading, watching video, or connecting to on-the-go Wi-Fi networks to stay in touch.
      7. Tile Mate
        Know someone that’s always losing things? Now they’ll be able to locate the items they’ve misplaced, or in the unfortunate event their bag is taken. You can also choose individual Tiles or 4-packs, for those with lots of stuff.
      8. Smartphone 360 Camera (Under $50)
        360 photography is not only a cool trend, but also a great way to capture amazing locations. But not everyone has room for a bulky camera and tripod. That’s why this tiny smartphone mount is perfect, being small enough to store in any luggage or backpack pocket.


Still didn’t find what you’re looking for? Monthly ebook or audio book subscriptions are a great gift that lets them leave the heavy books at home but still be able to read on their tablet or eReader while on the go.


Are you a traveller? Comment below with what you’d love to see under the tree this year.