Holiday Gift Guide for Tech Savvy Kids

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Community Manager

I know all too well about shopping for kids at Christmas, so I’m here to help. If you’re unsure what to get those special tiny humans this year, remove the stuffies and wool socks from your online shopping cart and check out these awesome tech savvy ideas for every kid or kid at heart.


I’ve been lucky to test most of these, so I can guarantee the fun level.


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  1. iPad
    These aren’t just for video games and watching YouTube games. You can get download audio books and educational games to help with math, reading, and even coding.
  2. Instax Mini
    Not only tons of fun and easy to use, but a great way to create little memories of their adventures.
  3. Harry Potter Coding Kit
    This isn’t just another coding tool. There’s games, and challenges to keep the fun going.
  4. Robot Building Kit
    Remember those RC cars you could build and drive as a kid? This is like the new and improved version of that. Build and code your own robot.
  5. Unicorn Bot Kit
    Kids can program this unicorn to complete obstacle courses, do custom actions, change horn colors, create emotions and more.
  6. BuddyPhones Kid’s Headphones
    Not only are these sized for kid’s heads, but they also limit the volume to protect their ears. They’re a fave in my house.
  7. VR 360 Goggles
    These are comfortable and lightweight, perfect for ages 10 and up. Pair these with any phone sized 123mm to 158mm.
  8. Osmo Genius Kit
    Includes 5 games to create fun around math, spelling, visual thinking, problem solving, and creative drawing. (iPad is require)
  9. Sphero SPRK+
    The coding uses basic math skills and you’ll have so much fun watching it roll through the obstacle course you’ve created for it. Even though this says 8+, my 5 year old and I had tons of fun with it.


Thanks for checking out our 5 days of gift guides. We hope you’ve enjoyed, and found something for everyone on your list this year. Or, maybe you’ve just ordered a bunch of new stuff for yourself. Either way, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!