Google Home In Real Life



Google Home has a lot of features and you can ask (or tell) it a lot of things.


I wasn’t sure where to start so I decided to just ask my Google Home:

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 10.17.45 PM.png


“Hey Google. What are some of the cool things you can do?”


  • “I can help you do lots of things. For example, you can say, ‘play some Queen’ or ‘how are the Roughriders doing?’ Would you like to hear some more?”




  • “Here are some more things to try. You can say, ‘add shampoo to my shopping list’ or ‘can you dance?’ Want some more?


“Sorry, did you say that you could dance?”


  • “I can boogie with the rest of them”  *plays a 3 second disco jam*

When I got my Google Home about 6 months ago all I wanted to do was ask it questions like that. Can you dance? What’s your favourite movie? What am I thinking right now? Do you know any jokes? What’s the meaning of life?



After I got that out of my system -- who am I kidding? Just yesterday I asked Google Home if it thought it was smarter than me. I would never say that, Scot. You’re too smart -- I realized that it’s pretty darn practical, too.


Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 11.00.34 PM.png


Here are a few real-world scenarios that Google Home has helped me with:


Meeting a friend at the movies

Hey Google...

  1. ...what movies are playing nearby?
  2. long will it take to get to the theatre?
  3. ...text Paul to tell him I’m running 5 minutes late.


Babysitting your niece and nephew

Hey Google...

  1. the new Mini-Pops album.
  2. ...flip a coin.
  3. ...let’s play mad libs.
  4. ...what’s the weather?
  5. long will it take to walk to the nearest park?


Getting ready for vacation

Hey Google...

  1. ...what’s the conversion from Canadian dollars to Mexican pesos?
  2. WestJet 2056 on time?
  3. ...give me the best route to the airport.
  4. ...turn down the thermostat to 20. (You’re going to need to do this from your phone because, surprise, you forgot and are already at the airport)


A quiet night in

Hey Google...

  1. Dominos.
  2. ...put on Stranger Things on Netflix. (Chromecast required)
  3. ...what was that movie Winona Ryder was in with Johnny Depp?
  4. ...turn off the lamp.
  5. ...put on some slow jams.



Hey Google...

  1. ...what’s a good mac and cheese recipe?
  2. ...add havarti to the shopping list.
  3. many tablespoons are in a cup?
  4. ...set a timer for 15 minutes.

There are hundreds of things you can say to Google Home and these are just some of the real-life ways I’ve used it.



And the answer to “Hey Google, what’s the meaning of life?”


  • “I have a factory warranty so I don’t worry about things like that.”



Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 11.03.52 PM.png


Got any hot Google Home tips? Let me know in the comments.

Community Power User
Community Power User

My fav questions/commands....

  • what's the temperature outside?  As I plan what to wear.
  • what time is sunset?  As I plan my lawnmowing and twilight bike rides.
  • set timer for ____
  • turn on/off my hue lights
  • turn on/off my Wemo outlet
  • make my hue lights a certain color

Good stuff, @xl


First thing I do when I get downstairs is say 'Hey Google, good morning'. I get a warm computer greeting back and then automatically into the weather forecast, what's on my calendar, traffic on my commute then the CBC hourly news. All while I make coffee.



Community Power User
Community Power User

I like the CBC News feature on Google Home. You can get it to play just the news by asking "Play CBC news".

Community Power User
Community Power User

"Hey Google, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?"


Realistically, time, temperature, weather forecast (or is that future cast these days?) timers, sports scores or schedules, are the questions we ask most. Commute time was pretty static - 20 minutes if I walked, 8 minutes on bicycle, 5 minutes by car.


I don't know how I missed this but @RhoLee sent me 43 Games You can Play with Google Home yesterday.


My family got pretty tired of playing various trivia games with me last night.