Game On - NHL and Madden


The summer is a busy time in the gaming community. While we wait for the great titles announced at E3, there are a few other big titles releasing soon to help us prepare for another exciting time: the start of the NHL and NFL seasons! Every year, EA drops the next titles in their sport franchises, and this year looks to be the best yet. Read on to see what’s new and get hyped for your team to win it all!


NHL 19


EA Vancouver’s NHL 19 is expected to be the best hockey sim yet. Utilizing EA’s new Real Player Motion technology, gameplay will be the most realistic action anyone has ever seen in a hockey game. This means smoother animation and more lifelike collisions, skating, and puck handling...something that EA has worked hard to improve after feedback from gamers who wanted more, myself included. Another big addition in this year’s installment is the focus on more online play.  While of course there are still a ton of solo and campaign modes to play, all modes will be available to play against your friends!


NHL 19.jpg


NHL 19 features a new online hub, the “World of CHEL” that will have four different modes of play. All modes will have XP progression and unlocks, so the more you play and win, the more you can customize your team’s appearance and stats. The new modes this year bring a whole new aspect to the game, allowing for new players to hold their own against seasoned veteran players.


  • NHL Ones - A brand new 1 vs 1 vs 1 mode with no rules or stoppages. This mode proves to be a ton of fun, with short games and many over-the-top elements like we’ve never seen before.
  • NHL Threes Drop-In - The popular 3 vs 3 mode with quick games and high action set in a number of different indoor and outdoor locations.
  • NHL Pro-Am - A series of challenges to complete in order to unlock special customization and progression for your player in all other modes.
  • NHL EA Sports Hockey - The classic mode. Take your team to the cup. Trade players, manage your talent, and become the Stanley Cup champions.



With all of the new modes and improved motion technology, it’s an exciting time to be an NHL gamer. EA has also acquired the rights to over 200 hockey legends, playable throughout all modes, which only adds to the fun. NHL 19 releases just in time for next season, on September 14 for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


Madden 19


The next game in the highly anticipated Madden series is also getting ready to launch next month, and EA’s flagship football sim is always the biggest gaming title year in and year out. Personally, this is the one of the few titles that I look forward to the most, and this year’s installment is shaping up to be the best one yet. There are a ton of new and returning features to get you ready for the start of the 2018/19 NFL season!


Madden 19.jpg



The ability to choose your favourite team and play a full season through to the Super Bowl or against your friends online is always exciting, but the return of the various modes is what makes Madden 19 one of my must-play titles.


  • Longshot - The popular Madden campaign mode returns this year, allowing you to take control of two young rookies in their first year in the NFL and watch their story unfold.
  • Franchise Mode - Enter a fantasy-style draft against your friends, drafting your dream team to battle it out and become the Super Bowl champion.
  • Ultimate Team Mode - Complete challenges to earn points and unlock special cards and packs to get new players and collectibles.



With new game-changing game controls and Real Play Motion Technology, Madden 19 promises to deliver the NFL experience like never before, and I couldn’t be more excited to dive in! I’ve always loved the Madden series, and I can’t wait for Madden 19 to drop on August 10 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.


Let me know if you plan on picking it up, and who you expect to win Super Bowl LIII in February! (spoiler alert: it’s the Packers).