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On the heels of other sci-fi loot shooters such as Destiny 2, EA’s new IP Anthem has the gaming community scrambling in anticipation to jump in. You’ll assume the role of a pilot fighting for humanity’s survival against an evil alien force on a distant planet. What makes this game unique is that you’ll be doing so in armor-clad exosuits called ‘Javelins’. These customizable suits not only pack enough firepower to level a building, but have flight ability (think Iron Man meets a spacesuit) that opens the environment, making Anthem a truly open world game.



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Anthem combines fast paced third-person action with a sci-fi influenced RPG element that’s sure to appeal to a wide range of gamers. Either solo or with friends, Anthem promises a lengthy main campaign and a deep, robust endgame that will keep players blasting out in their Javelin to acquire better gear and stronger weapons. EA and BioWare have focused a lot of attention on this aspect, ensuring that there will always be ‘better loot’ to hunt after. Featuring multiple difficulty tiers that promise better, high-rarity loot drops and seemingly never-ending raids and areas to explore…Anthem is going all out in ensuring that you’ll always have time for just one more mission.



Other loot-shooters have fallen in to the trap of being easy to pick up and play, until you finish the main campaign and enter the endgame loop. At this point, only hardcore gamers with endless hours to spend playing reap the benefits of better guns and stronger gear. Anthem fortunately seems to veer away from this strategy, appealing both to hardcore and casual gamers. You can customize your Javelin exosuit not only aesthetically, but to suit your play style as well! Enjoy packing on as much armor as you can and going in guns blazing? Try the “Colossus” exosuit with full plate armor and high melee damage. More of a kick back and shoot from a distance sort of player? You’ll want to take the “Storm” suit for a spin.


I’m really excited to jump in to my Javelin and explore the world that Anthem has waiting for us. I really love that this game appeals to such a wide range of gamers, and can be played via online matchmaking or solo, for those times I just want to kick back for an hour by myself on the couch and dive in. Anthem drops for Xbox One, PS4, and the PC on February 22, and I’ll definitely be picking it up. Let me know in the comments if you plan on grabbing it as well, and we’ll see you out on the frontlines, soldier!



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