Five amazing reasons to get excited about Optik this summer

Community Manager
Community Manager

Raise your hand if you’re watching more content than ever before! During lock-down, weekly time spent watching connected TVs rose by over a billion hours – a trend that’s expected to continue.


As people consume more content, TELUS is answering that call with new and exciting updates to our Optik TV offerings. We have the most content options available and an expanded OTT inclusion with Amazon Prime Video, the exciting return of sports, and the largest On Demand library with over 25,000 hours of programming.


  1.  It’s Prime time! You can now add an Amazon Prime membership directly into your Optik TV package

    Optik TV now has the flexibility to add an Amazon Prime membership. It’s super simple too: you can access the Amazon Prime app directly on an Optik TV 4K digital box by switching to channel 424 and enabling the streaming function – without having to switch inputs or connect to other devices.

  2. Dear Sports: Welcome back! Dearsports.JPG

    Due to COVID-19, everything from the NBA to the NHL, soccer, tennis and even darts, came to a grinding halt. But we’re here to say that the sports drought is over – and it’s all available on Optik.

    With these leagues set to resume, TELUS is helping bring the stadium experience home. Optik offers a “Restart” function to view up to the last 30 hours or programming and access to the largest PVR available in Canada so you won’t miss a minute of action – a big plus considering seasons have been compressed and many games are taking place during the day.

  3. More must-see movies and TV shows


    The top shows and flicks to get you chatting around the (virtual) water cooler this summer.

  4. Visit Optik to “attend” some of this summer’s most coveted live event experiences


    Most of us won’t be attending events in-person this summer, so Optik is bringing the experience to you. Check out TELUS Live Events on Channel 8915. 

  5. Access well-being content to to inspire a happier and healthier lifestyle


    Check out our inspirational must-see health shows about fitness, well-being, healthy eating and so much more.