Essential Phone Announcement

Community Manager
Community Manager

Did you see the amazing news we shared today? I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited to check out the new Phone from Essential. And not just because it’s fun to confuse your friends when they ask which phone you’re using.


I’m epic for dropping my phone, so I’m assuming Andy Rubin had humans like me in mind when creating the titanium body. And a 360° camera... Say what?! Imagine the pics I can get of my cats playing.


Pre-registration opened today, and pre-order will hit the TELUS online store in August. We have some big plans between now and launch so stay tuned to the TELUS Neighbourhood Blog.





















Let us know what feature you're most excited about on the new Essential Phone by taking our poll!



- Rhonda



Exciting news. Can't wait to try this new phone out!

Just Moved In

very nice phone.. I'm so excited to have one

is it possible to pre order the phone if I'm from out of Canada and the US? 

Just Moved In

Time to look at freedom!