Elf of the Week: Elf Foodie


Are we the only ones noticing how December is flying by so fast? Elf Fancy needed to go back to the North Pole, but don’t worry – Elf Foodie is here to step in and continue spreading some cheer!



Elf Foodie.PNG


Meet Elf Foodie - also known as @MelH on the Neighbourhood, who will be here to assist you with any Community related questions for the next week.  Don't hesitate to reach out to her directly! 


What do you love most about the holiday season? 

It’s the perfect time to unwind and get together with loved ones to reminisce and create new memories!


What’s your favourite holiday treat? 

Gingerbread cookies – especially if I get to decorate them myself!


What’s on your wish list this year? 

Socks with my dog’s face on them!  I love websites where they print your furry friend’s face on  socks, phone covers, blankets & coffee mugs etc.– it’s definitely a must for all pet parents!


Share your favourite holiday tradition or recipe:

My family places Christmas crackers next to each plate at the dinner table on Christmas Eve. In the crackers are paper hats and the tradition is that the kids in our family spend Christmas Eve decorating the hats for everyone to wear on Christmas day when we open up presents!


What movie do you love to watch this time of year on Optik? 

Every year my boyfriend & I make it a priority to have a Home Alone movie marathon together with some eggnog! We’re both Christmas movie addicts and try to watch as many Christmas movies as possible and we take full advantage of the Video-On-Demand Advent Calendar https://forum.telus.com/t5/Neighbourhood-Blog/Holidays-on-Optik-2019/ba-p/101714


What's your favorite Christmas movie? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below :)!