Borat Subsequent Moviefilm - Now Available on Amazon Prime

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Looking to spice things up this weekend? Borat 2 is out on Amazon Prime on Oct 23. For those of you unfamiliar with it - think about mixing comedy, politics, and inappropriateness in a flask, giving it a swirl, serving that to a comedian, and filming the chemical reaction that follows. 


Words can’t do it justice, but a trailer might, so check it out below. A quick warning, although it is available on Youtube, it is mature content, and may offend some viewers. Viewers discretion is advised. 



To add additional context, here are what some of our own team members has to say about Borat 2:






"The next Borat movie is almost here, and while definitely not for everyone, there's plenty to love and make you think. This is brave comedy, with sharp satire hidden within the absurdity. In sum, it's very nice!"











“Welp, prepare yourself for another boundary ripping, cringe inducing, and possibly painful adventure! With your favourite kazakhistan reporter!” 











**Before trailer**
"What's Borat?"

**After trailer**

"This trailer has me confused, scared and concerned. So I'll obviously be watching the movie"






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