Amazon Prime Video - May 2021

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Hope everyone's doing well and staying safe! With Amazon Prime Video now available as part of the Optik TV experience, and the Prime Video app on the Optik TV 4K media box, there's a ton of great original content available! There's always a new movie or show everyone's talking about, and now's your time to catch up and join the conversation. Let's take a look at some of the awesome new content streaming on Amazon Prime Video in May!


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📺 Most Anticipated 📺


Panic (Season 1)


The highly anticipated season of Panic is finally almost here. Adapted from the bestselling Lauren Oliver novel, Panic follows a group of recent high school graduates in Texas who partake in the town's annual (unsanctioned, and very illegal) game of increasingly difficult challenges, winner takes all. Each year the challenges become more and more dangerous, to the point of even being fatal if someone doesn't succeed. Talk about a crazy storyline!



Personally, I can't wait to see how this unfolds. I never got around to reading the book, though I was definitely aware of it and how well it was received. It'll be awesome to see how it unfolds, and I'm definitely intrigued based on the story alone. These types of white-knuckle tales have always been the most interesting to me, as they're set in real life scenarios. We've all been in small towns where the kids would do anything to get out, and it's these types of shows that leave you wanting to see what happens as quickly as you can.


Panic is sure to bring the thrills when all 10 episodes of the first season drop on May 28. Be sure to check it out!




🎞 Currently Watching 🎞


One of the best things about Amazon Prime Video is how many seasons of great shows there already are to binge on. Whether you've always been meaning to catch up on a show, or heard good things but never started...Amazon Prime Video has you covered. Let's take a look at a series that I'm currently hooked on.


Electric Dreams


You're in for a wild ride with this series. This anthology series is based on the stories of Philip K. Dick, the sci-fi writer responsible for tales that influenced the genre for years to come. Consisting of ten standalone episodes and featuring big names such as Steve Buscemi, Anna Paquin, and Terrence Howard, Electric Dreams tells stories of near future technology, alien contact, and other artificial intelligence impacts to people. Very similar to the classic series Black Mirror, these stories are both scary, suspenseful, and poignant.



This series makes for perfect binge watching, and each episode being a completely new story with its own cast means you can watch at your own pace. My favorite episode has to be 'Real Life' in which a policewoman living in the future shares headspace with a game designer in the present. Both chasing after a violent killer, they start to lose track of which one of them is real and which of them is living in a dream. Wild stuff, like I said. Imagine...virtual reality that's so real, you don't know if your own life is the real world, or vice versa. Fascinating to say the least. I'm sure you'll dig it.


All ten episodes are currently available on Amazon Prime Video. Be sure to check it out!



What are you currently hooked on? Let me know in the comments below or come chat with us on the forum!



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