Amazon Prime Video - Halloween Edition

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With Amazon Prime now available as part of the Optik TV experience, and the Prime Video app on the Optik TV 4K media box, there's a ton of great Amazon Original content available through Prime. As Halloween approaches, it's the perfect time to check out some of the scary (and fun!) titles to get you in the trick or treat mood! Let's see a few movies that you can enjoy with the kids, as well as something a bit on the scarier side!


🎃 Family Fun 🎃


The Haunted Mansion (PG)


Based on the popular Disney theme park attraction, The Haunted Mansion stars Eddie Murphy as a real estate agent who, with his family in tow, must break a curse in order to escape a haunted property. Mild jump scares throughout, but plenty of humor and gags to make this the perfect family Halloween treat! [available to rent for $3.99]




Hotel Transylvania (PG)


This animated classic is sure to provide your family with a boo-tiful time! Dracula (Adam Sandler) is an oveprotective father and owner of Hotel Transylvania...the perfect destination resort for ghosts and ghouls to get away from those pesky humans. When a man named Jonathan (Andy Samberg) stumbles upon the hotel, it's up to Dracula to stop his daughter from falling in love...and to hide Jonathan from the otherworldy guests. Witty enough to entertain the grown ups, with enough zany slapstick humor to keep the kids entertained throughout! [available to rent for $3.99]




🎃 Scary Stuff 🎃


Amazon Prime Video is also the place for horror movie buffs like myself to get their fill. From classics like Scream, Stir of Echoes, and Halloween (the best horror movie ever made) to new modern hits like Midsommar and Hereditary...Amazon Prime has got it all. So once the kids are asleep, we can get down to some real scares. Grab your snacks, loved ones, and thickest blanket you can're going to need somewhere to hide when things get a bit tense. Don't be embarrassed...we've all done it. 


It Follows (18+)


Emerging as an indie smash...It Follows quickly became a cult classic, and I can personally vouch as to why. This movie stuck with me for days. Carefree teenager Jay discovers she's the latest to receive a curse that's passed from person to person. She realizes she's being slowly stalked by an entity that only she can see, and that can take the appearance of anyone. If it catches her, it will kill her and then proceed to stalk the previous person. Her only options are to keep running, or pass it on to someone else.




Smart, tense...and absolutely terrifying. Obviously, you're not going to want to let the kids watch this...but if you're looking for a movie to scare you out of your wits, look no further.


Disclaimer: For all shows/movies, please refer to the Maturity Ratings associated with each programming prior to consumption. See for details. Amazon, Prime Video and all related logos are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.