Amazon Prime Video - February 2021

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Hope everyone's doing well and staying safe! With Amazon Prime Video now available as part of the Optik TV experience, and the Prime Video app on the Optik TV 4K media box, there's a ton of great original content available! There's always a new movie or show everyone's talking about, and now's your time to catch up and join the conversation. Let's take a look at some of the awesome new content streaming on Amazon Prime Video in February!


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📺 Most Anticipated 📺




Wow does this look incredible. I'm a huge fan of these sort of sci-fi meets our current reality movies, and Bliss looks to be another can't-miss watch. On February 5, Bliss will be on Amazon Prime Video and I know I'll be watching that night. Owen Wilson stars as Greg, a recently divorced man who lives an unfulfilled life. He meets Isabel (Salma Hayek) who claims that their world is actually a computer-generated simulation. Once he realizes that like in a video game, he can do and create anything he wants, the possibilities become endless. When his daughter however tries to lure him back into her version of reality, he suddenly doesn't know which world is real. Isabel's world? Or the one he was living before?



This is heady stuff, to be sure. If you've seen shows like Altered Carbon or mind-bending films like Vanilla Sky or The Matrixyou'll get the vibe of what you're in for. Personally, I love these types of stories. Sci-fi is at its best when it has a more personal angle and portrays how regular people would react in slightly unreal scenarios. Bliss looks thrilling and thought provoking. Definitely my most anticipated title on Amazon Prime Video next month!



🎞 Currently Watching 🎞


One of the best things about Amazon Prime Video is how many seasons of great shows there already are to binge on. Whether you've always been meaning to catch up on a show, or heard good things but never started...Amazon Prime Video has you covered. Let's take a look at a series that I'm currently hooked on.


Ink Master


No less than a dozen seasons of Ink Master are currently on Amazon Prime Video and it's definitely a bingeworthy blast. Various tattoo artists compete in this reality competition, vying to win a $100,000 cash prize and the title of 'Ink Master' itself. While it is a reality tv show, so you know there'll be tons of drama between the contestants, it's also great to watch these artists create some spectacular art on their human canvasses.



As an avid tattoo collector myself, I of course was instantly hooked. Each episode has the remaining contestants begin with a random artistic challenge, and the winner gets the honour of choosing who will tattoo what piece on which human canvas. Strategy comes into play of course, with rivals giving each other the most difficult tattoos to complete. Hilarity often ensues, and one has to wonder how nervous you'd have to be to get tattooed for a tv program. Each week sees another contestant eliminated, and you'll definitely want to jump right into the next episode to keep going. Highly recommended!


What are you currently hooked on? Let me know in the comments below!



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