A New Chapter For Rural Connectivity With the Smart Hub Library Program

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The TELUS Smart Hub library program is an innovative, community-led Internet lending program. Currently available in 75 libraries across Alberta and B.C., it is helping to bridge the digital divide between rural and urban access by offering fast and reliable connectivity to more Canadians.


The initiative, launched in 2016, was inspired by library staff at Alberta’s Parkland County when they found a full parking lot of people in their cars connecting to the library’s public Wi-Fi network after closing hours. The realization that reliable connectivity was so hard to come by for many of their neighbours sparked an innovative concept: using the library system to lend out home Internet connectivity in exchange for only a library membership.


That’s where TELUS stepped in. We began partnering with the libraries to loan out free TELUS Smart Hubs – devices that provide fixed, high-speed Internet access with no installation required. More than 300 TELUS Smart Hubs are loaned out on any given day, providing critical access to work, learning, socializing and vital healthcare information – particularly important during a global pandemic.

Making the future friendlier for rural communities


With plans to roll out to 90 municipalities, in addition to libraries across 100 communities in Alberta and B.C., the Smart Hub library program will continue to enable more Canadians to have access to the people, resources, and tools they need to succeed in a connected world.


A current list of library locations participating in the program can be found here. For more information about the program, check out the full story on the Connecting Canada for Good website.