2020 Neighbourhood Holiday Wishlist

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Hi, I’m @NFtoBC, a long-time community member. I was asked to pen a guest blog so here goes!


2020 has been a year of dichotomy. On one hand, the year feels like it’s never-ending but on the other hand, I can’t believe it’s almost over. For some of us, there hasn’t been much to look forward to but the holiday season is upon us and I’m hopeful each and every one of us will figure out a way to celebrate in our own little way.

I still plan to exchange gifts (with social distancing top of mind, of course) and I still have my yearly wishlist items. Given many of us haven’t had the opportunity to connect with friends and family as much as we’d like, some of us might be struggling to come up with gift ideas for loved ones. That’s why I wanted to help write this blog - to get those creative juices flowing by enlisting the help of our community friends. Here’s what they have on their wishlists (me included).


@NFtoBC (Me)




1) 2020 13" Apple MacBook Air


“To replace a 2011, 13" MacBook Pro. The 2011 was the first with Thunderbolt, and is getting long in the tooth. The new Air has Apple's new chip, replacing Intel, and has the ability to run iOS Apps natively.”


“Extensions to my Phillips Hue light set. I need to update outdoor lighting to allow me to safely light the approaches to our house, and connect to existing lighting schedules”:


2) Philips Hue Econic Outdoor Wall Light


3) Philips Hue Outdoor Lightstrip


4) Phillips Hue Outdoor Light Sensor





1) Microsoft Surface Studio 2


“Nice design but pricey. I would need to win the lottery or have someone gift it to me.”


2) Synology DS220+ NAS


“My DS214 is getting a little long in the tooth so it might be a good idea to do a refresh. Big fan of Synology.”


3) D-Link Powerline AV2 2000 adapters


“Currently have AV2 200 and a refresh would be nice as the home network is getting more use these days.”


4) Apple iPhone 12


 “I'm currently using a 6S so I’m in need of an upgrade.”


5) Boston Dynamics Spot


“Who doesn't want one of these robotic 'dogs' . . . only about $75K.”





Since I'm building a new PC the two big components remaining that I'm after are the AMD Ryzen 5600X and the Nvidia 3060 Ti.


1) AMD Ryzen 5 5600X Desktop Processor


“It delivers a big performance boost over the previous generation processors and even holds its own against some of Intel's current i7 processors. The 5600X has the best performance for its low price compared to all other current processors.”


2) Nvidia 3060 Ti Video Card


“The second key component I'm looking at is the Nvidia's 3060 Ti. It is the most recent card that Nvidia released and it's easier to find that most of the higher tier cards that are in short supply. It's got ample video memory and processing power to deliver amazing looking gaming experiences with this card across a wide variety of games.”


3) Thermotex Far Infrared Heating Pet Bed


“A friend of mine recently got the Thermotex infrared heated cat bed for his cat. He said his cat loves the bed and just lays in it purring contently. I think my cat would also like this bed. The added bonus is that it is a Canadian company.”






1) Instant Pod Coffee Maker


“I’d totally enjoy an all-in-one Keurig and Nespresso maker.”


2) Dollar Shave Club


“Great deal on razors delivered to your door.”


3) Fitbit Sense


“Great activity tracker that monitors everything in my fitness routine.”


4) Ninja Air Fryer 


“Fried food taste, none of the grease. Size is great for two people.”

If you’re reading this and have wishlist items of your own, I’d love to hear about them below. I’m sure we’d all love to get as many ideas as we can!