2019 Holiday Wishlist - CPU Edition

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Holiday gift wish-lists are a funny thing - they’ll tell you about our hobbies, what we like, and who we are. They’re aspirational (no one is buying you that $50,000 Tesla, little bro) but often very attainable too (hello Amazon giftcards); sometimes they don’t cost a thing (home-cooked meal, anyone?). Wishlists are the perfect way to tell people what you want or if you're more of a giver, help brighten someone else’s day. 


Shopping for a loved one can be tough so we wanted to know what you've got on your holiday wishlist. You'll never know who’s reading or who it might help inspire.


To kick-start the discussion, we asked our Community Power Users (CPUs) to share their top three wishlist items with you. If you're drawing a blank for one or more people, we hope it'll inspire you but I think our CPUs will probably tell you they’re hoping whoever is reading helps make their wish come true!





1) Apple AirPods Pro


I avoided the originals because I was never happy with the way the similarly shaped wired earphones fit. The new model looks to be a better fit.”


2) Philips Hue Calla Bollard Lights


“I'm already invested in Hue, and prefer a lighting system that can be easily used and understood by folks who are not tech aware. The availability of programmable switches, and the wide variety of fixture and bulb types makes additions simple.”


3) Apple Macbook

“My 2011 MacBook Pro is getting a bit long in the tooth.”






1) 500GB Samsung EVO 860 SSD 


“My PC is a bit older and still has a spinning hard drive in it and a SSD would give the PC new life since it's much faster. The Samsung EVO 860 is a hugely popular SSD that is fast, reliable and a good value especially if on sale. I particularly like that it uses MLC flash and has a 5 year warranty.”


2) Apple TV 4K 


“Since I'm already invested in the Apple ecosystem, the one accessory that would be useful would be the Apple TV 4K. I would allow me to view my photos or videos from my iPhone, content I've purchased, or even Pik TV.”


3) Deluxe Cat Tree 


“My new kitten is so energetic and is climbing everything that I think a cat tree may be the only thing to satisfy him. With his short attention span and high energy the cat tree should give my cat more things to do and play with. The high perches would be perfect for him to watch everything out the window.”





1) Vitamix E310 


“The only blender you'll ever need. From making delicious smoothies, ice cream and even hot soup this blender can do it all. While on the pricier side it comes with a 5 year warranty and should last you a lifetime.”


2) Mysa Smart Thermostat


Works with Google Home, Alexa etc to control your baseboard heaters. Can also control them remotely, locally, by voice or set a very detailed on/off pattern that is monitored with an in-depth app.”


3) Nvidia Shield

“With a faster processor, gpu and upgraded remote this is the Android tv box of choice for a casual gamer or having a smart tv system at your fingertips.”



If you’ve got a running wishlist, big or small, or want to comment on our CPU wishlist, feel free to share it with us below!

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Great lists @NFtoBC , @Nighthawk  and @WestCoasterBC Smiley Wink