why would TELUS send accounts to collections with little to no notice


I have been a solid TELUS customer for many years without incident. I canceled a mobility account almost 2 years ago. Imagine my surprise and disappointment when I received a collections notification in the mail just the other day.  Apparently I did not pay the balance on the mobility account after canceling almost 2 years ago.  Now I do not have any issue with the fact that I need to pay the balance and am perfectly happy to do so, I do however take issue with the fact that depending on which TELUS employee I talk to I may or may not have received one and only one notification of late payment and they then sent it to collections.  I don’t remember receiving a notification, I have had one TELUS representative tell me that I did not receive any notifications and another representative tells me I did receive one notification.  Yet interest has been charged to my account each month for almost two years and no bills were ever sent out.  This shows an extreme lack of consideration and respect for customers and I will seriously reconsider my continued involvement with TELUS services.


yours truly

extremely unimpressed


It's really up to the customer to make sure the final balance of a discontinued account is paid in full, and if Telus, or any other company, neglects to send a final bill, the customer should be aware that a bill may be owing and follow-up. I've always received a final bill from Telus after cancelling a service, even if the amount owing is 0, but until I receive that final bill, I don't consider the account closed, and would follow-up if a bill did not arrive at the proper time.


I think a company doesn't have to notify a customer when their delinquent account is sent to a collection agency, but a customer must receive notice in writing from the collection agency (which you received) specifying that a certain company has escalated collection, and an explanation of the customer's responsibility. Search the collection laws in your province, they all differ. In the end though, as I said, the customer is responsible for ensuring all accounts are clear long before collections gets involved.


My point here is not necessarily the legal responsibilities of a company like TELUS but the ethical responsibilities of a company like TELUS. I am also not disputing the responsibility of the account holder to pay the balance due.  I am merely expressing my disappointment in the poor business practices that apparently have been adopted by TELUS.  I suppose doing the bare minimum to avoid legal responsibility is ok for some but I would hope that TELUS would take a little more pride and responsibility for decent customer service.  


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I guess it's all the customers fault