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report payment

how can i report my payment online ? where i can find my 9 digit account number bill ?

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Community Power User

To report a payment follow the details at


If you haven't already created a "my account" you can follow the link below. Once you create an account you can easily manage billing, and all aspects of your account. Your account would have been on your documentation when you received you phone. If you can't locate the information, you will have to call Telus verify some information and it will be provided.





but how about the 9 digit account number ? i only have 8

Contact Telus if you can't find your contract or previous paper bill you must contact Telus. To get the account number, so you can create a "My Account". They will verify some information with you and give you what you require.


For more information read the following here.

While I don't have an answer, try with 8 digits, and if that does not work add 0 at the beginning to pad it out.


I have Telus account numbers in 'My Account' with 7, 8 and 9 digits. The nine digit account number being home services, the 8 and 7 being two different mobility accounts.


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Mobility accounts only have 8 digits. typically unless they are a tenured customer and then they may have less than 8 digits.  Home services have 9. It's important if you are using online payments you use the correct account number and state whether it is telus mobility or telus communications or they will NOT get the payment. If the account number is less than 8 digits put zeros in front to bring it up to 8 digits. ATB customers!! You're in a whole different ball game. You need to chat or call in because we have a special tool we have to use to give you a different number. 

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