redeem prepaid balance for phone

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Dec 18,

I was advised if my accumulated balance reaches $150.00 I must change plan options, or I can redeem part of the balance for a new phone.

TELUS support gives me run-around and explains that redeeming for a phone "is a problem in their system"

Come on, guys, I have EARNED that balance! It is not as if I wanted free stuff from TELUS (although that would be nice, but UN-PRECEDENTED)


btw, TELUS Management Escalation Team - has no-reply email and website and any requests for help is linked to TELUS ASSIST chat.

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my prepaid mobility plan has a balance of $150. I received a no-reply-email signed "TELUS team,telling me that I must either change my plan. I was given 3 options, one of which also was  that I could redeem part of the balance to get a new phone. When I contacted the included support phone #, there was a 60 mins wait. I then contacted the "Escalation management  team" and they suggested  Telus chat support. Elvis there told me that TELUS system had a problem with my option and they could not redeem my balance for a new phone. Chat also told me to buy a new phone with my personal credit card and they would add an amount to my account balance

I told the management team, that I earned that balance, It is not, as if I wanted something for free. 

It took the "management team" a week to reply to my request. i am thinking to cancel both mobility plans with Telus and search for new options.