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prepaid top up


I topped up on jan 19 and telus put jan 18 as expiry date. last year itopped up on jan 23 you put down jan.24. why do you do that you say that it is 365 days. why do you keep changing date for expiry and give me a different date you ripped me of 5 days this year and a day every year since I started. they say 365 when it is 364


Community Power User
Community Power User

Looks like last year you got a bonus due to it being a leap year. A year runs Jan 1 to Dec 31, not Jan 1 to Jan 1.



The regular top-ups are 30 or 60 days, so any month with more causes an advancing of the date by a day. 12 * 30 days = 360 which is the 5 days less than a year you quote.


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