prepaid add on deactive due to sufficient funds

my $5 250 prepaid feature was deactived due to sufficient funds. i top my account to meet the requirement is it possible to get it reactive despite it no longer a feature anymore?

would a telus rep be able to reactive the add despite it is no longer offer anymore even though i am a existing
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Hey there @MH007


Although I am unable to guarantee anything, If I were you, I would try calling Loyalty (1-866-558-2273). I recently dealt with a pre-paid customer with a similar issue of a legacy add-on that was removed due to an pre-authorized payment failing to charge, and Loyalty was able to re-add it. If they are unable to add it, they may be able to add a different add-on with a slightly different price or quantity of minutes that still beats the current rates. It never hurts to ask Smiley Happy


I would love to hear if they were able to re-add it, offer you something slightly different, and or were unable to do anything. 


Best of luck!!!