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hi guys

my account been setup on may27 added $10 same day obviously so it shows my due is on june 26 .and  i added $10 a few days earlier june 24 which i didnt want to wait till last min. type thing.then when i checked the account, it says my due date for next is july 23. i dont undrstand why it moves early date though i still have unsued min and text from current month. what i understood from telus was i should not have added the fund earlier!!

dont mk sense at all , any thoughts? thx


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Any time you buy a top-up, you reset the clock. If you plan to be in the habit of adding funds to your account at intervals of other than 30 days, choose Automatic Top-ups - from account. Then Telus will draw $10 from your account fund to replenish your minutes. You just have to be sure the $10 (or a bit more) is available by the top up date.


I do similar, but automatically top up from credit card, adding extra cash as needed for special events.


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To repeat and stress what's already been said, top-ups count by days, not months. Some people see 30 days and think one month, so they think, for example, from June 20 to July 20. That's not the case. Count the days you buy when you top-up. Honestly, this can't be repeated enough.