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I went to use my cell phone the other day and found out that I no longer have an account????. I use pay as you go and had close to $300.00 worth of saved up minutes. Why do I no longer have this? I don't use my phone often and rarely have it on, but I do need it in emergency cases. I want my account back and my close to $300.00 worth of saved up minutes back. 

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For anything account related you will definitely need to phone Telus and speak with them.

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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Telus recently shut down the old CDMA service which a lot of prepaid users had emergency phones set up for with large credit balances on. Letters were sent in January 2017 and again in May 2017 advising users to purchase an updated piece of equipment to avoid service disruption. Free phones were sent to them. Free phones were offered to them. If the phones were not activated final letters and sms were sent advising that the account was going to be deactivated for inactivity and no response resulting in loss of the balance which is non-refundable. Before the accounts were closed they were put on a special connection where if the user wanted to make a call they could only call 911 otherwise any normal calls would redirect to Telus so they could informed by a live agent of all this as well. Then finally disconnection as the account would appear to be inactive at this point with loss of all funds. That sounds like the most likely cause of your balance loss. 


The other likely cause would be that you are topping up with a preauthorized credit card of some type which has expired. In order to maintain your balance you must have some sort of activity on the account such as topping up the account every 30 days or purchasing an add on every 30 days. Whether you have this automatically coming from the balance or are calling in/using the the automated system or to do this every 30 days that's fine too. If there is no activity for 90 days. Your account shuts down and your funds are lost. You are given a grace period of 7 days to top up and gain back all the money. If you have an email on file you'll be notified by email and text of the 7 days to regain the money back. 

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