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Mycontract says my monthly payment is 85.00 and my bill says 119.00. Why the dollar amount different.?
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There are many reasons your bill couls be higher than you expected:

partial first month

Long Distance charges outside your free calling area



Your bill will have details, though you may have to click on the + to get them to show if you recieve an electronic bill.

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All of the previously mentioned reasons are possible, plus if you buy any extra features or change to a bigger data option afterwards. Contract only shows what you took when you upgraded your phone, so if you took an $85 plan then and changed to a $110 plan, this would be why.


Chances are you were signed up for "extras" when you bought your phone.  The sales rep most likely neglected to tell you about all the extra fees that go along with them, while making it seem like they were included features.   This seems to be standard practice at any Telus store.  They have some of the slimiest sales reps ive seen in any industry....  Ive learned after many years, say no to everything they ask and get out of there as fast as you can.