make a offer then take it away ??


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how is it that Telus can make you a great loyality plan set it up in notes for when i return ... Then all of a sudden just take it away ????  how fair is that  SHame on YOU !!  its just not good buisness pracitice . you have become just like the other players in the field you make no difference annymore

very dissapointed it the way you choose to  do buisness   NO BUENO  !!!!


From what I've seen from other people, the offer from  Loyalty is an on the spot deal.  Not meant to be left sitting for a future date.


The offer can also be different, depending on the agent.




Hi river, you should contact them again, the Loyalty must normally add notes to your account and I'm sure they can find the offer that you want.


i have contacted them several times and it has all dissapeard the notes are there but that is it...

they forced me into plan that is no good and are not willing to go good on the offer this has been my all time worst experience

dealing with telus  im not shure what happened  but the web prices on fido are way better that the web prices they forced me into

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Telus will always be more expensive compare to Fido, first because of the quality of their mobile network but also because of the support they're providing. Not many mobile providers will assist you the way they do on the social media websites and this forum is a good example of the quality of the services offered by Telus. I don't mind paying more at tjis point knowing that I'm using a fast and up to date LTE network, plus, they help me all the time on their facebook page.


So Telus can charge roughly 40 dollars more than a Fido plan because they provide this "great support". Lol, that's pretty funny. Cool.


LOL @ donpublic 


@donpublic What devices can you get with that plan at Fido & at what price?


Comparing what they sell with a Moto G vs. an iPhone 5 is like comparing the lease on a Ford Pinto with a Benz.


Right in on  "River" I red out in my post  'A battle against unfair data charges' that you won the case, about the plan offered by a Telus' agent. The info provided is that, you posted the case in 'Facebook' isn't it. Would be useful to know in the "Forum" what exactly did you do, what kind of plan is that, you didn't display enough info in your original 'Post' how fast and which, source of contact, did they use to get in touch with you.


Once you decide to share, your experience of this issue, writedown a new post. You and I already thankful @ Super_Fred, for his supportive advise, but we've to extend it to other contributors. Finally I agree with 'wally_west' that Telus offer quick support in social media, forum and it helps as well to some communities. That's all for now. <The future is unknown>   "v9"




@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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The future is unknown?

I got all my issues solved over facebook i put out a post on the telus page within 1 minute i had a reply

from a telus person via fb email asking me my about my dealings i had with the loyality department.

my intire issue was solved with this person. not quite what i was offered But its a good plan for me

$75. unlimited Canada calling/txt/voice mail 10 and 5 g data they gave me $5 off my bill for 6 months

( i wish i would have traded voice 10 for visual voice as it was a freebe ) 

Im not shure what is up with the loyality department these days ???  i have alwas been treated good untill

my lastest dealings with was not cool on there part .

but in the long run i got it worked out and i have a great plan !!!  so im happy with the end with my results


and yes telus has the best network and coverage and service  in western Canada . They really need to get back

the goodness in the loyality department and they will continue to be the leader in this buisness 


after recieving my bill after  telus charged me $ 15 bucks to set up and change the account  ???

gemme a break so not cool guys  big shame on the slippery charges that were unknown to me

whats next  ?