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getting through to customer service

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I've been trying to get through to customer service for over 24 hours now.  I started calling at 9am both days and my calls won't even connect.  I've sat in the chat queue and keep getting 'technical difficulties have caused the chat to shut down' whenever I get around 200th place in line.  Any suggestions on getting my plan changed if they won't do it in store???


Keep trying to call. Same thing happened to me but I eventually got through

You're right... I kept trying, then was put on hold. I was on hold from 14:26 -16:46... then they hung up on me.
I was using an older landline phone, with no speaker option... I was essentially dumped, time wasted, sore neck. Maybe I'm the idiot for choosing Telus.

Sucks to get hung up on or disconnected. I was on hold for 1 hour 55 minutes before I got a CSR. Been back on hold a couple times but so far pleased it seems our billing issue will be resolved to our satisfaction.

Don't beat yourself up. I am just as stupid. I believe it is day 6 without any service from Telus. I will have to check the Twitter Telus section for the day count.



For telus, customer service is not a priority. I have been trying to get an email password reset for 5 days and counting, tried, twitter failed, tried live chat failed.



Same here!! Dummies only sent one phone for kids Xmas and I can't contact them. I did have a message though for the reps on my account but still no phone call back! Trying to get through still without luck . Sux

Best of luck.


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What is the actual number to call?  I cannot find a link on the site anywhere.

Have got to that part yet. Tried Twitter, tried live chat. With all the phone usage didn't seem to be much point.


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@JenCatt wrote:

What is the actual number to call?  I cannot find a link on the site anywhere.

Try in the ‘Contact Us’ section at the page bottom. 

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Sigh - last resort to get some confirmation of changes/clarity. 


After waiting 8+ hours yesterday on phones, chats, etc and being booted off EVERYTHING, we finally wandered over the store. One of the in-store reps had a gentleman in customer service on the phone, and after speaking directly to the phone CSR and discussing our options, we came up with a plan. 


We do not qualify for the 10/$60 promotion b/c even though we are Ontario residents and our plan/region is under Ontario, we kept our long-held Nova Scotia numbers. They could not offer this plan to NS numbers, nor could they set up new plans and port the numbers - as soon as they tried, it wouldn't let them select the 10/$60 plan. 


Here's what we did witht he CSR: 1. We confirmed we wanted to pay out my balance (my partner, the only other number on this account, was already BYOD). 2. We confirmed that we wanted to unlock the phone, in case we did decide we wanted to change providers in the future. And, 3. the CSR took the time to build a comparable plan for us on our Nova Scotia numbers (slightly less data (but shared) and slightly less price). We were told that the 3 changes would take effect on our account within 4-5 hours, and that we would receive 3 confirmation emails regarding the changes. 


Last night we received ONE email, offering "help with unlocking your iPhone" - I do not own an iPhone - I own a Samsung S7. Therefore, I apparently need an unlock code to unlock my phone, which I did not receive from the CSR or from the email. The email did reference my phone's IMEI number, so at lease I guess that is proof I spoke with SOMEONE about SOMETHING. 


Upon logging into my account today, the device balance is still showing as outstanding, and no changes have been made to our plan. 


I sat on chat for 2 hours this morning waiting to speak with someone to clarify the changes were good and would take effect, and to get the proper info to unlock my phone. I waited from 400 people to 12, and at 12, I was kicked out of the system. I put on my coat and headed back to the Telus location where I managed to speak to a phone-in rep (via an in-store rep) yesterday, only to be told as I waiting in line that the whole Telus system went down, and they were in a holding pattern.


I continued my walk up to a Bell store, fed up with Telus and hoping Bell could give me their offer on two new phone lines, and then we could try porting my NS numbers over. On my walk up, I passed another Telus and popped in to see if they were back online. They were not, but they were able to pull up my account notes, and sure enough, there were NO NOTES from my 2 hour conversation that I had with the CSR yesterday about the device buy out, the new plan he built, or the unlocking. The only proof I have that I spoke with someone yesterday is the fact that they sent me the (wrong) email about unlocking my device with my IMEI, and the reps at the 25 York Toronto location that watched me stand around on an in-store rep's cell phone for 2 hours. I headed to Bell, but unfortunately they couldn't do their 10/$60 offer if we wanted to keep our NS phone numbers, which we need to (as soon as they try to port the lines, it forces them to choose a new plan).


I wandered back to the original Telus location I was at yesterday, and they were back online, and the in-store rep whose phone I was on yesterday informed me I'd have to wait in the 10 person line before he could even look into it. He told me he did not have a reference number for the gentleman we were speaking with on the phone yesterday, but that he knew that person wasn't working today. The email I DID receive was from a no reply address, so I have no idea if there is any way for them to track who I was speaking with. Funny enough, while I was on the phone with the gentleman yesterday, while he was working his magic, he received an email about a promotion he'd been hoping for. We had got off the phone both quite pleased, and I was grateful for his help, but alas, I don't know what, if anything, he processed on our account.


I had to get back to work, so here I am, back on chat, 922 ppl, after being kicked out twice more this afternoon after making it into the 200's. (annnnd I'm kicked out again...) 


This is my hail mary at someone at Telus support sees this and at least gets in touch with me. All I want to do is confirm that everything I discussed with the CSR yesterday is on the books and will take effect. I know the Telus team has a TON on their plates today,a nd I don't mind havignt o wait a couple days to see the changes, but I want to have confirmation that they will take affect and receive some sort of confirmation number or way to reference these changes. 


Any and all help is appreciated. This has totaly sucked my Christmas spirit, and I know it might be petty, but when you're talking about saving half of your phone bill for the life of your plan, it's something I'd appreciate having taken care of. 



I hope every thing turns out for you. My Telus Hell is different. They don't believe I am me. Been at this for 5 days.


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they never answer....**bleep**....

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I was told that communication is Telus' business not their policy. As a new subscriber I hope this is not true.