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Just Moved In

I have been a customer for 17 years, out of that 14 on my own.  I never use to have the best service when I use to go into a store for help or renew my contract.  A year ago I renewed my contract at B-Wireless on Robson Street in Vancouver, BC and let me tell you, it was the worst store I have yet to step my foot in - the big picture not just the Telus brand,  I had problems with my phone.  I asked it to be replaced, each time I went in, they said they gave it someone else.  I finally got a new phone.  That phone gave me problems, kept goin in and was treated with rudeness and disrespect.  I finally went to the Surrey Central store and OMG, was it the best service I have had to date.  The store manager, looked at my phone, sent it in for repair and provided mw with a loaner.  The phone was back within a week.  It still gave me problems, so I got it replace,  Went to the Brentwood Mall location and dealt with Jackson.  He is very knowledgeable and provided me with the best service I have had to date from Telus in the last 14 years.  I reccomment everyone to go to the store and deal with Jackon.  I guess, 14 years later, I got teh serive and customer service I should have always gotten.  As for B-Wireless, worst store, worst, staff and the worst management.  Not sure why telus has people like them repersenting the telus brand. 


In short, being in the business world myself, Jackson from Brentwood and the manager from Surrey Central locations are the best - you will walk out happy and not stressed.  I also dealt with Sam in customer service loyality, he was amazing.  Take my word, it a lot to give me positive feedback, if I am giving positive feedback, they not only did what they dad to do, but went far beyond then they had to,



Greetings Citygirl!


That is definitely unfortunate to hear in regard to your experience at the B-Wireless on Robson Street. We have forwarded your comments to the appropriate department for review. We appreciate your feedback!