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I have letter from CBV I ignored them by mail and calls. I got them blocked also when i got letter it said koodo I dont owe koodo so they can take a hike. I was told at stores koodo is not owned by Telus. Anyhow take a hike CBV. I love my new provider as well I am on 60 a month tab no contract as well. I will not say with whom. Anyhow been with them since April 2014 now Sept 2014.


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If you have something that's in collections and you ignore it, your credit rating could be impacted. You may want to look into why they are trying to contact you regarding a balance. 

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@Rodney2007_2007 As @Nighthawk mentioned, it's probably a very bad idea to ignore the collection agency.


If you leave something like that, it can prevent you from getting a loan for something important in the a house.

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I dont care i live in sublet housing. been since 18 now 38. I am also blocked from getting credit as my worker told me on Tuesday or WED that went by. I love my provider for cell I am not on contract with them. I will not say with whom.  They are way better then bell Telus koodo V mobile. 

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@Rodney2007_2007 wrote:

I was told at stores koodo is not owned by Telus.

Koodo is owned and started by Telus.  Koodo is oriented towards prepaid plans.


I agree, you should investigate why a credit agency is after you....

  • you get lower rates when you want money
  • some employers reject candidates with poor credit ratings

@xl wrote:

  • some employers reject candidates with poor credit ratings


@Rodney2007_2007  needs to check the credit report for any added demerits from a collection agency. Available free.Quite the read on those who thought they could never get credit again and seeing all those demerits.






Well this post got long, but does have information for those who may find a time in their life that everything is crashing down around them.




Under Canadian law, rejecting someone from a job, who has poor credit, can be called discrimination. Asking for credit history should not be allowed unless you have been initially hired and you are going into a secure part of the company(money handling). Too many people also give out their Social Insurance number to random entity's, the number being only for government and for actual employment/banking tax purposes).

A Social Security number in the U.S.A. is given to so many companies for just simple service(water, gas, electrics, communications), that identity fraud is running rampant from number storage that is nowhere near secure.


A bad credit employee who keeps asking for advance paychecks is bad news and the company should not break their pay rules by advancing pay.



The U.S.A. employers will use submitted resume credit checks to see if their potential employee has bad credit, in order to call that employee a criminal, therefor not employable, as they will obviously rob the company. The never ending crime called poverty. There is a slow movement to block credit checks to determine employment.




Many errors/misinformation created by these vultures known as collection agencies have screwed up peoples lives.  Rogers Communications knows about that crime. All it takes is a misplaced number or a 'same name' being submitted and missing the intended target.

Some of the worst collection agencies will offer the innocent victim a 'settlement fee' that is very shady. Others will demand personal information from innocent victims, in order to modify the fraudulent claim to better target the innocent victim.




Collection agencies will buy the debt from the company owed, for pennies on the dollar. The owed debt gets removed from the company's books to make the financial look better to stock holders. The collection agency then tries to get the most profit per debt settled. It's extremely important for the debtor to get full receipts and a 'confirmed paid-off' contract to avoid callbacks for more money.


When returning hardware back to a company, please ensure you get a tracking receipt.  Otherwise what can happen is for the shipped package to never be entered into the system as received, but with a tracking receipt, you can show it arrived at the company.




Canada collection agency laws. Some Provinces have better consumer protections.



 Telus can kiss my butt cause I am not paying bill it says Koodo on collection notice and I owe Koodo nothing I owed koodo a month a go 134.00 and was paid in full. So till Collections change to Telus the collections can kiss my butt as well. they are blocked from calling me as well I love android and smart phones like Mot G they can take down loaded app's to stop harassment calls.  and all I know is wind has better service for what I need TM would not offer it they don't like to make offers like all rest do. Also my phone was under warentee when I had to get fixed they stupid tried to charge me 300 cause it was physical damage I said Bull crap and left then went else were. Also my cousin tried to take the # over he had my pass word to account so he can do so they rejected him. and Transunion is a pain in the royal butt as well they denied all the stuff I had in order to ask them to get Koodo off my report since the 134.00 was paid. I only have SIN birth Certificate and Provincial card and no stores except Health card as ID. 

Ooopsie! Looks like you finally told us who your current provider is. lol


I would say you should go to the WIND forum, but they closed theirs down...

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If the $134 is paid... just send the collection agency proof (ie receipt).


Although Wind forums are not available... loyal users have created one to share their great experiences...

That's not the most productive convo I've seen so far, it can be over soon if you follow the #1 rule, pay your bills on time!

I find it curious that Wind either didn't run a credit check or ran the credit check and didn't care. Might be an indication of how desperate Wind is for customers.


@Rodney2007- Welcome back: Is allowed to <v9> to Add-his Unwise input in this topic, Yes! you can..Thks. I don't get it what's the objective of the post. The OP-doesn't ask for help or just want to inform us-that his name it's been added to a collection agency. Millions of people worldwide are dealing, with this issue, Why? Because they failed to pay, their bills on time.


We neglect to comply, with this rule at times. But damage the "Credit-rating" for refuse to pay $134.00-is a nonsense. It confuse  his-statements. I remember that in May-2014. There was another round of posts, where he was involved in a dispute, with Telus & tried to transfer the acct+phone to his cousin.


Now it turns out that, who transferred his name to "Collections" was Koodo N' said that "Virgin" is his newPhone provider, weird that Virgin-users have no forum. The OP-doesn't request advice, but I support what "Wally_West" called the #1-Rule. Pay the bills & problem solved. The future give us surprises. Ye-Yeahh! Bye <v9>



@v9-12 yrs.Telus mobile user & Ex-BC Tel cable installer.
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