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Resolved! Shared plans.

My spouse and I are looking to save some money on our cell phone bills. I am currently a telus customer on a 2 year plan with over a year left on the contract. My spouse is with Sasktel and his contract is up for upgrade. Our question is, is he able ...

sdfjhg by Organizer
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Resolved! Separate Accounts for 1 Phone

Is it possible to have two separate accounts for one phone? I am going abroad so I need to purchase a longer travel plan however I don't wish for the person paying my phone bill to know the cost as they would simply pay it and refuse to let me pay th...

Resolved! Will my monthly bill be reduced when device is paid off?

My iPhone is nearly paid for under the two-year contract I signed. If I keep this phone, will my monthly charge be reduced or do I have to sign another contract? If I buy a phone outright (ie. not from Telus), where should I look to find available ra...

LLC by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Suddenly Cannot find my Mobility Account on my lap top?

It has disappeared.Then tells me to sign into an app,which in turn me to sign into a google Account?My mobility billing used to be on the same page as my homes services,they are still there but Mobility has disappeared.The chat for mobility and home ...

kruisey by Advisor
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Resolved! BYOD 40

I've been on BYOD 40 for 3 years and suddenly I'm not. When I look at my new bill this month it's now BYOD 50 and $10 more. I've had it with Telus and their tricks. Constantly having to monitor my bills for accuracy. I'm about to pull my account and ...

Resolved! Linking account

Can you link an account using telus twitter support or do you have to call.

John7 by Just Moved In
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this has the most expensive and worst services ever. been a customer since 1996. can not believe. I am still a customer. but other providers are thieves just as this company

ripoff by Just Moved In
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Spoke to customer service last night, after being on hold for over an hour. Previous time I tried calling I just gave up after 1.5hours. The recording kept reminding me how valuable me time is. I only had one question, why did my bill increase? Compa...

lkennett by Just Moved In
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Resolved! prepaid 10 starter

hi guysmy account been setup on may27 added $10 same day obviously so it shows my due is on june 26 .and i added $10 a few days earlier june 24 which i didnt want to wait till last min. type thing.then when i checked the account, it says my due date ...

gogpig by Just Moved In
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Resolved! EasyRoam per day charges

Is the $12 international "per day" charge defined by my home time zone, by my roaming location time zone (e.g. Greece), or 24 hours after initiating a roaming call or data usage? E.G.: If I start roaming at 7 AM in Athens (10 PM Mountain) and end 4 h...

gr1ab by Just Moved In
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