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Resolved! Billing

How can I see the calls that were made

Thomas1 by Just Moved In
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Unwanted new features added without warning

Why were "$3 Rate Plan SD" and "Exclusive $10" added without my permission? The "Available plans and features" page on says I have these features. Why can't I cancel them? I am currently on "LNR 2500 Domestic Messaging Plan". The n...

Frodo888 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Add-On descriptions for SMS CAN 300 and Unlimited Messaging

My BYOD / Employee Plan through Telus has unlimited text messaging but I pay for each picture I send out. I noticed that I could add SMS CAN 300 and unlimited messaging for $6 and $15 a month respectively.They don't really provide a description for t...

PG1 by Organizer
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Resolved! Where do I get a new SIM card?

I've been with Telus for years. I just purchased an iPhone XR from Apple that requires a Nano SIM. (Different from the larger SIM I have in my old flip phone.)I'm sure that SIM swap can be done online but where do I get the new (smaller) SIM card? Do...

GregoryL by Friendly Neighbour
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