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Website Login Issues

Just wanted to bring this to the attention of Telus. I have been getting this error message for months when trying to login to my account from the website. Other may have had this issue to. After entering all my information in correctly, the next bla...

jrdberry by Just Moved In
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Mobility Agreement not being honored by Telus

Hello, I have had issues since I upgraded our phones in late Nov 2023 Telus has not been able to fulfill the agreements it has made with me for mobility service I have contacted them multiple/many times to get them to honor the agreements made withou...

rockrewls by Just Moved In
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Understanding bill

To avoid suprise, everyone must ask read and learn their bill to avoid confusion. Your billing cycle is important to know. Always remember we are billed one month in advance. Everytime you made changes in between the billing cycle period, those chang...

Nomnom by Friendly Neighbour
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The account was billed by Triton

Hello everyone,I was wondering if someone had a similar experience. I received a billing for this month and there were extra charges from, what turned out to be, a Triton application via my Telus account.Did anyone have that experience? I can't find ...

Billing errors

Hi there, transferred my account from Rogers to Telus, and the 1st invoice is wrong.I signed up for usa/canada/mexico plan at 50$ per month and iphone pro max for 10$ per month.Telus accounting chanrged me 100$ for setup, and not 70+ taxes for monthl...


..loyal customer over 20 years here.. Telus sending people door-to-door soliciting?? in this day and age?? Nobody solicits door to door anymore… This is unacceptable , furthermore, if this is now normal for communications companies then they need to ...

Mobility plan

Can someone please explain to me why new customers get better offers then long time customers? Not impressed with telus at all lately.

Hassel by Just Moved In
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Telus Mobility

I never had a Telus Mobility account, my cell phone was with Chatrs for many years and I just switched too Rogers. Never had Telus for even a single day. But I am getting a bill from Telus for my mobile phone. Called Telus, I was surprised that after...

RenuG by Just Moved In
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Is this a scam

TELUS: , get 50% off Easy Roam on your next trip and pay only $7/day in the U.S. and $8/day in over 200+ international destinations. Text code EMR9D7B to 7626 and activate this offer today. This offer will remain on your account for 90 days from the ...

Top-up via bill payment?

For some reason my automatic top-up for Prepaid Talk & Text 15 didn't go through five days ago due to a "credit card error". I had updated my prepaid authorization data to a new card number on February 6, and the payment went through all right on Feb...