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Resolved! Registering for telus mobile account

When i input the driers licence # Is it the persons full drivers licence, the first four digits or the last four digits? please help.

Sara by Just Moved In
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Resolved! How much notice is required to cancel a Month-to-Month plan?

I have reached the end of my 3 yr contract! YAY!! I'm now in a month-to-month plan.... I'm assuming I pre-pay for each month with any overage/extra usage added at the end of each month. How much noticed is required if I wish to cancel a month-to-mont...

Resolved! voice minutes

If I am at home on my wifi network do I still use voice plan minutes when making calls? I was told by a telus rep that everything is free when I'm on my network but I have my doubts.

russ64 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Voicemail password lost

I've long since lost my voicemail password (you're right; I rarely use it, LOL). How do I re-set it, or do I have to contact Telus to get a new one? If it matters, I have an older phone, it's a Telus LG flip phone. Thanks!

Resolved! Share plus light plan

I saw the share plus lite plan 55 1000 minutes is that 1000 minutes anywhere in canada as well as local area? And 500 data.Pretty good?Thanks.

greg54 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Government Employee Rate Plan

Hi, Does Telus have a government employee rate plan? I am with Rogers and for $50/month I get 350 min. and 3 Gig of data plus free messaging, call display, call answer evening and weekends free etc. My wife has been with Telus for 20 years and we hav...

ljpm by Just Moved In
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Reach out to your loved ones in Manila and the Philippines.

A few days ago heavy rain and flooding began in Manila. To help you keep in touch with friends and family, you will not be charged for any outgoing calls and text messages made from your TELUS mobile phone to the Philippines from now until August 26....

ShadiS by Advisor
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