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Resolved! bill

Hi i cant pay the full balance of 752 as im a low budget and i need my phone for emergencys i can pay the current charges tho plus the 169 i agreed to pay as i was talking to a girl that works at telus if you have anythng to add please let me know

Payment changes

I need to change the credit card linked to my account. How can i without going into a store?

Caden by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Bill

Why was my 10 day bill 317 dollars?

rdstanley by Just Moved In
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Resolved! 604 313 3768

Hello The above noted phone # is on my account # 16390899. The user of this device is now living in Calgary.Are we able to assign a Calgary # to his device, and is this the reason the calls are being charged .50 per call? Please advise. Thank you nan...

Resolved! My billing

Hello I was wondering my bill is at -175.30 I have know idea what that means -175.30. But I payed it off today jan 1st 2014... If it means I don't owe that how do I get all that money back cuz I can use it for other stuff I need

Lacey12 by Just Moved In
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came back

I came back because i have internet only and i got some credits and and 5 bux knocked of my internet but sadly koodo had alot of data issues

Resolved! Billing

Imjust received a large bill, but purchased a travel program. How can I access the details of my account?

kphjr by Just Moved In
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