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Resolved! laptop promo

We were promised a laptop as part of the promo to have internet and TV connections but we still havent got it soon are we going to get it

ara_anne by Just Moved In
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lot of unhappy customers

Lot of very unhappy customers with all the wireless carriers. Nobody seems to be happy with any of the companies. Maybe its time to go back to not talking to anybody and living like hermits.

papa63 by Organizer
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Resolved! able to keep old plan when contract is done?

Now that Telus has 2 year contracts, i was wondering if, after my 3 year contact is done, I can still keep my plan when I upgrade my device. I really like my plan, and want to be able to keep it.

ESantot by Just Moved In
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need more choices

I wonder if more wireless companies were available to us that could bring our costs down. I kinda doubt it but wouldn't it be a nice change

papa63 by Organizer
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