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Resolved! contract transfer

my cousin has bad credit can he take over if so how or no great what can he do to do so? can they offer him spending cap like they did to me if he takes one of my lines over or no? thanks so much?

Resolved! account cancelations

Hi I was threatend by Canadian Bonded credits LTD that they can find out who I am with if this is the case and Telus gets called or gives this info out and you guys cancell me cause of this CBCL issue how do I go of this? cause it was not me who canc...

Resolved! Refunds

hey so i want to know if you overpay your telus mobility bill can they refund the money back to your credit card?

Resolved! MB USED

For a 31$ account, last mo. My bill was 64$. I can't figure out why. What did I do to double my bill. I don't remember actions beyond texting and taking pics. Thought they were in my plan? Help explain, please.

JanisT by Neighbour
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Contract is ending

I am coming to the end of my contract (3 months remaining). Is there a charge (cancellation charge?) if I choose not to renew my contract with Telus? I am contemplating switching providers as I can get an employee plan through my work with a differen...

sarah00 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Bought bf a phone #in his name bills in mine!!!

Bought my bf a phone. # in his name bills in mine. Online account won't let me see the bills says i need permision. Did i do something wrong when i set up my online account? How do i fix it or how do i get permision so i can see the bill so i can pay...

Resolved! accessing my voice mail

I have forgotten my voicemail password.....what ca I do....I don't want to loose my existing messages../

Dleclerc by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Fav 10 and long distance

I have a landline number in California that is in my fav 10. Is it long distance from my 416 cell?

Fcafaro by Just Moved In
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