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Resolved! Telus plans terrible

Why are the telus plans so terrible. i ve been with them for over 12 years and they wont even do anything to come close to the competition.. I'm leaving asap.

shotta5 by Just Moved In
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Can't login to my mobile account online

Hi there. For whatever reason I seem to be having an issue online in logging into my pay as you go account here in Saskatchewan. I ended up trying to link my old pay as you go account that I havent used in a long time and now it shows up on an old nu...

Pellaeon by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus vs Rogers? no contest!!

My first mobile phone was in 1977..pre-cellular, huge antanae.with Bell canada ..then in 1988 I got a in car cellular phone (Alpine model) with the Cantel cellular company which later became Rogers. I stayed loyal to Rogers until September 2011 when ...

Resolved! Text

My friend who is on my fav list isn't getting my texts but I get hers. All the sudden she doesn't get my texts. Any ideas as to why?

Cbanks by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Voicemail

For the likes of me I cannot remember my voicemail password. How can I get a new one ?

Dwayne by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Email change

I changed my email and didn't receive a confirmation, so I tried to have it sent again a couple of hours later, again with no reply. I then realized that I used .ca instead of .com in my email that I changed it to, but I have no way of changing that,...


Why is my phone using the money in my account after I already paid to have a service for 30 days

Moodytank by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Data usage

Can I track my data usage? I am 3 days into the billing cycle and being told I have used double my allowable usage. I have never exceeded my usage before in an entire month. Something is fishy

Haidagirl by Just Moved In
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