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Resolved! Optik TV

I have been waiting for 5 weeks for a call back (which I was told would be within 2 days) to let me know if Optik TV is available in my building. I had talked to 3 different people and was promised a call back. Obviously it is not available and is ex...

Grandma24 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! cut off cell phone

I received a bill stating my past due amount and my current new charges but I was cut off over 3 weeks ago. How can a they charge me for a service that I didn't receive and wont recieve till I pay off past due amount in 2 weeks. How can I resolve thi...

aahz30 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Is Telus involved in price fixing?

Hmm.... very odd that all wireless providers raise prices at the same time. We need some real competition. Either more providers or someone with some ethics in charge at T...

mpa by Coach
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Resolved! MY ACCOUNT

Please could someone direct me to my telus phone etc account, I have spent nearly 1 hour trying everypossible way. .I have been logged in to Computer on line service for a while now and never have been able to get on. Thanking you .MRS> K.TURNER

Resolved! Loyalty?

I've expressed this concern over the phone a number of times with agents. I have an old phone, 3G. I had it on a 3 year term. The term has since expired and I am elgible for an upgrade. Late last year I considered upgrading prior to the 3yr contracts...

Resolved! SharePlus55

Hi, I am looking to switch my plan to the 60 SharePlus plan. I am currently on the 55 Student my10 plan. Does the 60 shareplus include call display? And how many canadian long minutes are included in this?

Resolved! Topping up via online banking

Hi, I topped up my Prepaid Account 3 days ago via online banking but my balance is still 0. What shall I do?

Farid by Just Moved In
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