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Resolved! Switching phones, both with device balances

My mom has a Samsung note 3 and wants an iPhone. I have an iPhone and want a Samsung. Is it possible we can trade phones even tho there are device balances on each? Thanks

Jkread by Just Moved In
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Resolved! payment options after leaving telus.

Hello, I recently ported my phone number to Koodo and am waiting for my next bill, which should be huge (device balance plus cancelation fee (which should be $50 according to the lady on the phone when I asked *611 about that)... I am wondering if I ...

Resolved! Bundling with Mobile Plan Only

Has anyone ever done this? Or known anyone who has? There's tons of bundling options with mobile, internet, and TV services all together. I've seen some for just tv and phone. What I would love is mobile and internet bundled as a deal. Since the majo...

Moonbeam by Just Moved In
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Resolved! HELP! Didn't get 5$ off this months bill (prepaid)

Hello, I just bought a prepaid Telus phone today and when registering my account I saw that when you set up a 15$ or more per month recurring 'plan/add-on', you will get 5$ off per month for 6 months (total of 30$ off over 6 months). I chose the unli...

Resolved! Billing and Credit cards

I believe that I have a joint account with my mother being the owner, and I was wondering if it is possible to either transfer my account to me being the sole owner or put two different credit cards onto the account so that I can pay for my plan by m...

MegaGram by Just Moved In
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