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Resolved! EARLY Pre-Auth payment withdrawals!!

I just received an e-mail notice stating that pre-auth payments will be withdrawn 10-11 days before the due date?? Really?? Due Date is due date. AND then you say the bills are coming in at the same time and we'll get 2 withdrawals on the same bank s...

Resolved! Despicable service Act

I was a Telus customer for at least 15 years, but I consider your recent action regarding my account quite despicable and I will be taking my service elsewhere. My wife and I were amongst the first iPhone 4 customers in Moncton and we had a contract ...

Need help

I put a prepaid card on my phone of 2 10$ ones and my plan isn't working

Resolved! invoice

how do i find my invoice 

Royb by Just Moved In
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new account

hi! i switch my prepaid account to postpaid. How will i access my postpaid account online?

Resolved! iOS 8 Notification Centre Data Usage Widget {REQUEST}

I check my data usage frequently on my device through the My Account app. Now that iOS 8 is in Beta stages and announced that they are supporting 3rd party wedgets for Notification Centre, as a request, It would be cool to see Telus take advantage of...

Resolved! Once contract is up

I am on a 3 year plan once the contract is up I can keep my plan. The question is can it ever be taken or changed from me legally??

Resolved! Charges for TXT to USA

HI, I notice on my latest bill $100 charge for txt to the USA. I don't know anyone in the USA (except Barak Obama, and he never answers my txts!). I believe this is incorrect because my kids live in Victoria and might be picked up by a USA carrier. I...

mpp by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Access texts/calls/vm on computer

So my phone took a trip to deadsville and its gonna be at least 9 months before the birth of my new babyphone. I can't cancel my service without paying a ridiculous fee. So basically I'm paying you for absolutely nothing. You love it. I do not. Let's...

Hooker by Just Moved In
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Resolved! roaming in the usa

i have a iphone 3 and we spend 6 months of the year in the usa and would like to use my phone only for an emergency while on the road , (we only have our phone set up for phone calls) we do not have internet or texting.on the teles site it says we ca...

testella1 by Just Moved In
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