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Resolved! Voice 50-500 Nat

I have the above rate plan on my phone. When I signed up for it, there was 500 minutes included. Looking at it now, it is showing unlimited nationwide. I'm really confused as to what is real. I very rarely use minutes, but I really need to know what ...

Resolved! collections

I have letter from CBV I ignored them by mail and calls. I got them blocked also when i got letter it said koodo I dont owe koodo so they can take a hike. I was told at stores koodo is not owned by Telus. Anyhow take a hike CBV. I love my new provide...

Resolved! Gmail account

Hi a weird thing keeps happening, when I travel to the US, my Gmail account thinks I've been hacked and forces me to change my password, how can I prevent this?

Resolved! Unable to top-up with voucher

So I'm currently in the UK with my phone which does not roam internationally, I had a friend purchase a top up voucher for me and send me the pin so I could apply it on my iPad telus app, it comes back with an error, so I tried the my mobility websit...

BenCox by Neighbour
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Resolved! Upgrading Phones Online

I was wondering if I was able to keep my same number when upgrading online. I see the option to choose which number on the account I would like to upgrade but I believe that it is more for billing. So ya, when upgrading a phone online will i keep the...

Candi by Just Moved In
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Resolved! New customer, new phone, transfer phone number

My husband is switching to Telus and joining my share plan. He has pre-ordered an IPhone and waiting for it to ship. To ensure he can keep his existing phone number when should he cancel his Rogers account? When can the number be transferred to Telus...

mparkes88 by Just Moved In
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