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Resolved! My mobility

I just tried activating my phone. I did everything it said n it still won't let me text or call out. Who do I call? I opened my emails from them and opened the link to relog in and that's all that happened. My phones not working still??

Flighty by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Is Telus-Forum logged on by members only.

Curious about the# of Members registered in the forum. I open the [Likes-Leaderboard-screen] On the [Time (Last 2yrs)] Page15-display 314 Registered members, is that amount correct. I bring this subject publicly, because during the ...

v9 by Rockstar
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Resolved! Vacation disconnect

I understand that it will cost $25/month for a vacation disconnect, but do you know if I will lose the use of my phone completely during that time? That is, will I still be able to connect to wifi during my travels and use, say whatsapp?

KAS by Just Moved In
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Resolved! voicemail box

When someone calls me and it goes to voicemail, they are prompted to enter a password. They cannot leave a message for me.I recently changed my phone number online, but I specifically re-set up my mail box. Whats the issue and how can I fix it please...

angela222 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! calendar

I requested a calendar at the beginning of the new year...have not received yet.Please send if still available postal code L9V2W3 Thanks

lwilson66 by Just Moved In
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