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Resolved! Data overages

I recently got a txt from Telus telling me all data overages were not going to be charged due to being evacuated by fire. I check today and I have over 3000 mb in overage data between me and my bf. We are very careful and use wifi whenever possible. ...

Fort12 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Lost my grandfather rate after paying account?

I changed from my once a year, pay as you go payment to an automatic monthly payment and lost my grandfathered rate. (.15 per min went to .50 per min)I was not told this would happen but simply received a message after the fact, saying it was done .H...

Glenn_M by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! 2 phones, 1 account

I have 2 phones on one account (One for my wife one for me)I used to see both on my account but now only one after a chat about not being able to get into the account.How do I set it up to see both phones again?

Glenn_M by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Deposits

I had to pay a deposit when i started my cell service. After a year i was in good standing and got my deposit back, now i am thinking of putting my wife on my account and have the second line. We dont need a phone she already has one. My question is ...

Account #

My daughter setup a prepaid phone for me but didn't give me an account # so I cant setup the account online . How would I find out what my account # is?


How do I suspend my account while on vacation? Can I activate a travel plan while the phone is suspended?

Elaine1 by Just Moved In
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getting my phone to work

I'm trying to put minutes in my phone but I think my account was closed and when I try to put The sim chip number it says its already activated

rosie84 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Value Added + Travel Pass

I don't understand why I got charged $23 plus $7 for value added service and travel pass for one phone call in the United States. I called Telus and was told I'd only be charged $1.50 for the under one minute call I made. Frustrated!

Janok by Just Moved In
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T-up service

Hi! I got a new phone/contract last may 30th and signed up for the t-up service. Do I have to wait until may 30th before I can use the service or can I do it now because we are in the month of may?

Andrea1 by Just Moved In
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