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Phones on the same plan

I recently added my mom and my son onto my plan. All the phones are in my name. Can we call eachother without using the minutes?

Dalejrfan by Just Moved In
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I activated my sim and still.don't have a network

Dirtbag by Neighbour
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Rate plan expires

What happens when your prepaid rate plan expires but there's a positive balance in your prepaid account? What charges are made for account activities?

tnp by Neighbour
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I need to add a manager to our account

Hello, new here, but not new to customer service, so please dispense with the fluffy feelgood stuff and just answer the question. I need to add an account manager to our Telus account so that I can send someone to the nearest store to buy a mobile in...

HandyAndy by Just Moved In
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Once your device is paid off does your bill go down?

My contract ends in Sept, but I don't need a new device. I'm wondering if I can go month-to-month after that, or do I sign a new contract? Since my device would be paid off by then would my bill go down? I don't need a new phone - it seems really was...

LizJ by Just Moved In
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Trying to register to get the "my account " app up and running and I keeps registering and at the end it says they sent me a email and I should get it in 60 minutes but I've been trying for days now with no email? I checked my junk and spam Mail with...

Data top up usage

I bought a top up 2G and shortly after got a text saying my data was used. Where or how can I tell if my top up data is all used up

Lisa2 by Just Moved In
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