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Resolved! 2 phones, 1 account

I have 2 phones on one account (One for my wife one for me)I used to see both on my account but now only one after a chat about not being able to get into the account.How do I set it up to see both phones again?

Glenn_M by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Deposits

I had to pay a deposit when i started my cell service. After a year i was in good standing and got my deposit back, now i am thinking of putting my wife on my account and have the second line. We dont need a phone she already has one. My question is ...

Account #

My daughter setup a prepaid phone for me but didn't give me an account # so I cant setup the account online . How would I find out what my account # is?


How do I suspend my account while on vacation? Can I activate a travel plan while the phone is suspended?

Elaine1 by Just Moved In
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getting my phone to work

I'm trying to put minutes in my phone but I think my account was closed and when I try to put The sim chip number it says its already activated

rosie84 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Value Added + Travel Pass

I don't understand why I got charged $23 plus $7 for value added service and travel pass for one phone call in the United States. I called Telus and was told I'd only be charged $1.50 for the under one minute call I made. Frustrated!

Janok by Just Moved In
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T-up service

Hi! I got a new phone/contract last may 30th and signed up for the t-up service. Do I have to wait until may 30th before I can use the service or can I do it now because we are in the month of may?

Andrea1 by Just Moved In
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Hi! I purchased an unlock code from telus. New Sim card purchased. Sum card inserted. Code doesn't work X3. Help! Im no longer I'm bc